Loki, The Cutest Vamp Kitty On The Entire Internet

Meet Loki, she is the cutest vamp kitty on the entire Internet! With those scary eyes and teeth she has won the hearts of over 25,000 people online!

A cat with a pair of distinctive fangs has quickly become one of the most famous kitties on Instagram thanks to her evil-looking face.  Loki, who now has more than 25,000 followers online, was actually adopted from a cat shelter by her owner Kaet. She explained in a posting that she knew very little about the cat’s distinctive appearance at first.
Adopted from a cat shelter, nothing was really mentioned to his owner Kaet about her kitten’s unique and funny features. “They did not give me many details about her looks,” she wrote alongside an image of the ferocious feline posted to that social media site.

loki 2

loki 3

Although she had a few health problems along the way, this Siamese-mix cat appears to be in really good hands now. Of course, the adoration of tens of thousands is undoubtedly doing wonders for her confidence.

In many ways, Loki is just like any other cute cat out there. According to her Instagram account, she loves to hide under bath towels and also to lay on his back for a good rub. But when she stares into the lens of a camera, a more terrifying side of the otherwise adorable kitty cat begins to emerge. Indeed, some of the pictures Kaet took are truly spine-tingling. One actually shows sweet Loki emerging out of the shadow with her fangs on full display.

loki 4

loki 5

loki 6

Other photos see a more cute and cuddly side to Loki. This includes one where she is actually dressed in a toweled robe. But even then her ferocious glare and also exposed fangs lend an all too evil quality to the image.

loki 7

loki 8

 Loki’s eyes also appear to change color in certain snaps, giving her an even creepier appearance sometimes.  In some photos  she has traditional greenish/yellow eyes, while on occasion her eyes have a blueish/grey color.  But no matter her mood or her freakish appearance, it is clear Kaet is someone with a lot of love as she hugs and also cuddles Loki and posts it for the world to see and enjoy.

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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