Lost Baby Kitten Starts To Change Colors And Leaves His Rescuers In Shock

When the rescuers found this lost baby kitten they had no idea that in just a few weeks he will change colors completely!

When the rescuers found this lost baby kitten he was only one day old and all alone in the world. First they actually thought that he will not survive! But the lost baby was a fighter and he pulled through despite all odds! The tiny baby kitty was as small and as grey as a little mouse. He was so fragile, even his eyes were not opened yet. The kitten snuggled closely to his new human mama and papa and began to grow stronger with their constant care and love.

lost 1

lost 3

He was just one day old when the family found him! After weeks of care he finally opened his cute eyes! He has bright blue beautiful eyes!

lost 4

And then his transformation began! Each day his color changed more and more! The family was in shock because he was completely grey when they first found him!

lost 5

Every day he was getting darker and darker! First his ears started to get black then the paws and slowly bit by bit he was starting to look more like a black cat then a grey one!

lost 6

The family did not know what was happening with their new beloved family member and at first they were concerned!

lost 7

This beautiful grey kitten grew into a elegant beautiful black cat in the end! What actually happened here you may wonder?

Do you know why he actually transformed the way he did? According to the vets, his mom most likely had an infection or a fever while she was pregnant with him. The fuzzy grey fur what he had when he was born with is called a ‘fever coat.’ It is fur that appears lighter at birth, but gradually darkens in the first few months of a cat`s life. This kitten transformed into a magnificent black cat when he shed his baby fur.

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