Man Is Living With Over 500+ Animals

Meet Gökçer Korkmaz, a volunteer who is devoted his life to helping animals. This man is a hero !

Gökçer Korkmaz is a 32 year old man who lives in Kirklareli, Turkey with over 500 animals.  He decided to drop out of the university because and dedicate his life to helping animals and saving them. He devoted his whole life to this noble cause.


This man has been rescuing and saving animals since 2006. He also builds houses and shelters for them. This man feeds them daily and takes care of their health. What a noble man he is. He is also a vegan.


He is doing something so wonderful and all alone. Hopefully there will be more and more people that will help him to save as much animals as possible. He is taking care of the health and giving them the proper care that they need. He saved so many abandoned animals, that were starving and on the edge of death.


When he first found some of the animals they were eating  trash from the waste yard and really struggling to survive. He knew he had to do something for them. So he did the most incredible thing possible. He dedicated his time and his life to helping them.


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