Man Saves A Crying Little Kitten (VIDEO)

Man saves a roadside baby kitty meowing for some help!  The transformation will really amaze you! The kitty was sick and so afraid and after this man saves her, she grows up in quite the beauty! Scroll down for the video!

A man saves a tiny kitty lying on the roadside, meowing for  some help. What an amazing transformation love and care can make!

man saves1

A little, cute kitty was on the roadside near a drainage. She was very afraid but could not muster the energy to move let alone run away due to all the hunger and the fatigue. A kind big hearted man, Peter, saw the kitten and just knew that he had to help.

He also gave her something to drink as the kitty was very thirsty. He petted her gently to give her some comfort that she needed to hang on and survive. The sweet, tiny kitten looked up to him and began to purr. What a sweetheart!

man saves 2


The poor kitty was so dirty and very sick. Peter took her to an animal clinic so she could get all the care she needs. After that, they went home. He also gave the cute fur baby a full bottle and a much needed bath. She had such a beautiful, soft and silky coat underneath all that dirt.


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