Mean Kids Drown A Puppy In Glue, But Despite All Odds He Is Recovering

Some mean kids drowned a starving puppy in glue and then dragged him through the mud! They left him to die but despite everything this sweet dog is recovering! This is his story!

Some mean kids drowned this poor puppy in glue, dragged him through mud and then left him to die slowly and painfully.  Just before the epoxy completely hardened and turned him into a living stone, he was saved just in time.  Now that he is in good hands, this poor puppy, named Pascal is glue-free and on a long and slow road to recovery.

Meet Pascal, the sweetest little boy who suffered so much in his life! Some mean kids did such cruel things to him!

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Just look at his beautiful brown eyes and that sad look! Who could do something like that to such a sweet soul?

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He’Art of Rescue organization, rescued this puppy and not a moment too soon.  The glue was hardening, forming a really thick fur and mud shell around his tiny body.  He was also having difficulty breathing, and could barely move at all.  The ear that was coated too, cut off from its blood supply, and was dying.

Pascal moaned as the vets lifted him out of the cardboard box that he was brought in, and painfully dragged his hind legs behind him as he looked where to hide from more potentially cruel people. The poor baby hid in a dark corner in the exam room.

“Our heart broke when we saw him but we will not let Pascal go through this all alone,” the group wrote on Facebook. “We will do everything possible until he is completely recovered”.

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His paste prison was delicately cut away somehow. The glue actually penetrated so deeply that it damaged his skin severely.  He requires special baths to help him heal his skin.  He is on pain medicine and antibiotics too, but the damage to his spirit may be far worse than only physical.  After the abusement he suffered from those mean kids, learning to trust humans again will take time.

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Fortunately, though he is very underweight and also battling this nasty infection, this puppy is relatively healthy. He also tested negative for parvo and distemper too.

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Although Pascal is recovering from the glue and the infections, the incident left a huge scar in his soul.” He’Art Rescue says: “It is in his eyes, in his posture, and also in his lack of trust for people. He is now getting so much LOVE – love that can heal everything possible”. We wish all the best to this sweet puppy, a quick recovery and a loving forever home where he will be safe and happy too!

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