Mean Kitty is a Bad Kitty (FUNNY VIDEO)

Mean cats are so funny and adorable

The truth of the matter is that cats are not really evil, mean, naughty or anything like that. Unfortunately, cats just have a really bad reputation. You can hear from someone all the time that their cat is ” Pure Evil ” or that their “Mean Cat” scratched them and the furniture. Cats are just cats.

What they do they do because that is who they are. Like humans, every cat has its unique personality, and like humans they have their specific needs. If you meet their needs then everything should work out alright and without any problems.


If your kitty is not using its litter box and is peeing where is not supposed to be peeing, the first thing to do is to take you kitten to the vet to rule out any medical issues. After you have ruled out all the medical issues then your next step is to check if the litter box is clean enough and big enough for your cat.


Here is a cute compilation of some mean cats !

Cats are very amusing to watch especially when they are small kittens. They can make any little thing into a game. A piece of string can also be a great game for them. Cats love playing around and making problems. They enjoy when they are the center of attention and can be very jealous and possessive.

Here is a video of some really funny cats !


Nothing slips by them unseen and they like to play with everything. This means any object that comes in their path can bе а cause of amusement for them and for the people who аrе watching it.

One more thing that you have tо know about cats being naughty and mean is that they can bе really quiet about it and you will not know about what they аrе up tо till they аrе done because оf this very reason.That is why if you have а feline pet аt home, you will need tо keep аn еyе оn things sо that you know what they аrе up tо.


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