Meet Microdave, The Smallest Stallion In The World

Meet Microdave! He is a miniature stallion who at just 18 inches tall is one of the world’s smallest horses!

Meet Microdave, an adorable miniature stallion! Even though he is probably not going to run in the national, the  miniature stallion Microdave is still drawing crowds with his own unique charm, standing just 18 inches high. At just 12 days old, this American miniature stallion is actually two inches smaller than Einstein, the former world’s smallest horse, and he already has a lot of fans and admirers!

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He is actually just half the size of the average foal for his breed. His owners say that he is so popular with the visitors that they will soon have to start checking people’s pockets before they leave.

Using his adorable miniature size, Microdave runs rings around his human mum Haysden Samber Tiddly and also owner Jen Baldwin Murphy.

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meet 3

Jen, who owns Haysden Liveries near Tonbridge, Kent, says “I still can not believe how small he actually is”. “He is also really popular with our visitors, it is almost non stop. I have to check people that they did not put him in their pocket” she adds. Jen’s husband, Dave, actually bought Microdave’s mother as a present for his wife in the 2014. Microdave was born on June 11, two weeks early. Jen actually had to convert her hay barn with low enough doors to fit the tiny colt properly.

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“He is the first foal that I have owned, but I have seen lots , but never anything like him” Jen says. “He may be small, but he makes up for it by being really bold. And as he gets older, he gets even more cheekier”.

“It is really impossible to keep him from dashing between fields. I need to put some lower fencing so that I could keep track of him. We love him so much but he drives me and his mum frantic sometimes”.

Jen, is training and showing dressage horses for almost 25 years now. She has had a few miniatures for two years. Her original plan was to sell Microdave once he was old enough, but on seeing his beautiful blue eyes she has decided to keep him.

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