Mom Tells Max, The Great Dane He Can`t Go Swimming, His Reaction Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Mom tells Max who is a Great Dane that he can`to go into the swimming pool, and his reaction is hilarious! Scroll down for the video!

Even though dogs do not speak the same language as we do, they know exactly how to voice their displeasure with one of their human`s decisions. If their human parent tells them they can not have another treat or maybe forbids them from sitting on a piece of furniture, dogs always find a perfect way to tell their human parent that they don’t like what they are saying. This is exactly what happened here. Max, the Great Dane is very unhappy that his mom doesn`t let him get into the pool and go swimming. So what does he do, well agrues in the cutest way, of course!

In this video here, Max the Great Dane very clearly says in his own cute language that he wants to go for a swim in the pool. His human mom does not want him to go in because he will ruin his nice jacket. They end up having a little humorous disagreement about it. As his owner repeatedly tells him that he can’t go into the swimming pool, Max whines by the side of the pool.

Amazingly enough, Max is actually deaf. You would never know it from the way he clearly communicates in the video below. His owner actually thinks he can read lips and he knows sign language too.


Adorable Max is not backing down without a fight. He is ready for a swim, and he does not care at all if his jacket gets a little wet. The video actually ends before we find out who is the winner of the argument. It seems like it is going to be Max for sure. This cute stubborn pup is ready to stand by the pool all day to get what he wants. Max is a dog who knows what he wants and is ready to argue until he gets it!


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