Motorcyclist Stops All Traffic On A Busy Highway In Hong Kong To Save A Tiny Kitten From Certain Death (VIDEO)

This brave motorcyclist stopt all traffic on a busy Hong Kong highway to save this precious little life! He is a hero in so many ways!

For whatever reason a young tiny kitty found itself in the middle of a busy highway in Hong Kong, alone and also almost certainly about to get injured or probably killed if it stayed there for that much longer. While most people passed by either oblivious or uncaring about the situation, a brave motorcyclist named Kwok Kin Wai risked his life to grab this little ball of fur and get it out of the busy street!

motorcyclist 2

While the selfless was not meant to go viral all over the world. It was accidentally caught on a dash cam and also it quickly blew up on Chinese social media!

The selfless act managed to save the little kitten, and he even managed to find a new home for it after he posted photos onto his facebook; he also found a new owner within just an hour. This motorcyclist is a real hero!

In this day and age, people can be really selfish and also unaware of the world around them, but it is moments like these that help us remember that people can be amazing and selfless too in their ability to cherish life.

motorcyclist 3

Check out this motorcyclist stoping all traffic on a Hong Kong highway to save this precious little kitten!

What he did not many people would do these days! In this cruel and cold world there are really not enough heros. This brave hero did not just risk his life to save a cat`s life, he even found her a forever home! It is really wonderful to hear news like this. It really restores the faith in humanity! We wish all the best for the little kitten. Lots of love in her new home and all the best to the brave man who saved her life!



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