Mum Will Always Be Mum, And These Adorable Photos Prove It

Here are some adorable photos of animal mothers bonding with their precious babies! Mum will always be mum!

In honor of Mother’s Day arriving on May 12, 2017, we wondered how baby animals might be celebrating the occasion with their own mums. Even though animals can not read the calendar and might not even know which day it actually is, these photos prove that mum will always be mum and that there is no greater love in the world!

Everyone knows that mom’s kisses are the most gentle ones!

mum 11

Admit it, it is still fun to think about a bear cub making an adorable DIY gift for her mama, or perhaps a small duckling presenting his mom with a bouquet of some freshly picked flowers!

Mom will always listen to us and also provide the best advice!

mum 2

And at any rate, you just can not help but feel all warm and also fuzzy inside when you see the baby animals loving their moms just as much as we humans also appreciate our own.

Sometimes it is even hard for her!

mum 3

But it is all made better by the priceless moments she gets to spend with you!

mum 4

With mum, you feel like purring with satisfaction!

mum 5

Because no one cares about us like mom does!

mum 6

She teached us so much in life!

mum 7

She loves you regardless of your little foibles and no matter what happens!

mum 8

And she will always be ready to shield you from any misfortune!

mum 9

Mom’s been with you right from your childhood!

mum 12

You always feel really warm both inside and out when you are with her!

mum 13

You just can not get enough of her sweet tenderness!

mum 14

Sometimes you just need to hug her and spend time with her!

mum 15

There really is no greater love than a mother`s love! We should all appreciate our mother everyday, mum will always be mum!


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