Navy Soldiers Bond With Three Kittens That They Found On Their Ship

Navy soldiers found three little kittens on their ship and decided to adopt them since their mother was missing! How beautiful!

It all began when Eric Hanst and his many fellow sailors were Navy deployed overseas. When they were in port for a few days, they were greeted by an unexpected cat guest. “A cat came that day aboard via mooring line. We lost track of her, and found her later that same evening. We managed to get her back to the pier, and also waved goodbye as we took off. This kitty seemed unusually upset by this which was really weird,” says Hanst. So this navy soldiers did the most amazing thing, they adopted them!

navy soldiers 2

What they did not know was that this kitty didn’t just come alone. “It turns out, when she managed to sneak on board, she also managed to smuggle all of her three kittens. We first thought she gave given birth on the ship, but it was pointed out to us that they were too big to be only a few days old”.

When they were sailing off, no one on board was aware of the three orphan kittens. The little ones were very confused and looking for their mom for almost 4 days until we discovered them in the machine shop. “We found one initially and the other two a couple hours afterwards,” Hanst adds.

navy soldiers 3

navy soldiers 4

Even though the crew had little experience bottle feeding a kitten, they all jumped into action, doing everything they possibly could to help these little creatures. They did not have a bottle, so they just improvised. They found boxes and  also some necessary things to make a temporary nest for the kittens. The soldiers were all so proud, holding their new three furry buddies and letting them climb all over them. When it comes to bottle feeding the kittens, these sailors showed remarkable love and also care to the tiny little creatures that were about the size of their palm. They were gentle to these three orphan kittens and tended to their every whim.

navy soldiers 5

navy soldiers 6

“After the initial shock, the kittens were just as happy and also playful as any other cute little bugger you would find anywhere else. They were a great boost to crew morale, and I LOVED THEM so much,” says Hanst.

After they docked into a port, the kittens were transported to local veterinary services. “We managed to find homes for all three of them. I talked one of my friends into adopting one of the kittens, the other two were taken in by my a ‘cat couple’ who are regular rescuers”.

navy soldiers 7

navy soldiers 8

The soldiers rescued the kittens and the y gave them the companionship and also love they needed during these long voyages. They both needed one another and it was a true blessing that they found each other.


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