Never Do These Things To Your Cat

All of us want to be the perfect pet parents and we only want the best for our pets. Unfortunately, sometimes some things we do can cause more harm than good. These are some things that we should never do to our cats!

Cats are not really opened with their feelings and you may not notice if they do not like or enjoy something that we humans do. Here are quite a few things that you should never, ever do to your feline. Cats easily get depressed and fearful of people if they are not treated in a certain and proper way.

#1 Never subject your cat to secondhand smoke


Secondhand smoke is of course bad for all beings, humans and animals too. Smoking around your cat can lead to some serious long-term health problems, including respiratory problems and even cancer.

#2 Never forget to clean her water dish


When you are changing your cat`s make sure that you clean the bowl too. You really have to scrub out the surface of the bowl in order to get rid of those slimy layers that can accumulate in just a day or two. Just imagine if you had to drink from a slimy water glass all the time.

#3 Never treat your cats as if she loves solitude


The idea that cats do not need love and attention like dogs do is really not true. Cats simply do not have the desire to please humans as much, and are not that good at showing emotions. If you are not at home often enough to spend quality time your cat, make sure that when you get home show your cat love and play and cuddle with her.


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