Nine Wierd Facts About Cats That Might Really Suprise You

Check out these nine wierd facts about cats that most people do not know and that might really suprise you!

Both cats and dogs are wonderful and amazing in their own way, but they are fundamentally different creatures. Cats also tend to be labeled as as bit more mysterious than dogs. These nine wierd facts about cats might really suprise you!

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#1 Cats Can Make 100 Different Sounds

Compared to dogs, who can make about 10 sounds in total, cats’ vocabularies are really pretty impressive! Each sound they make has a special purpose, like chirping when they are hunting, or when little kittens meow to get the attention of their mother. Cats can also manipulate their voices to even imitate a human baby when they are hungry.

#2 They Were Used For Mail Delivery

In the 1870s, a small town in Belgium tried to use cats to deliver the mail by attaching it to waterproof bags around their necks. If you know cats at all, you know that this really failed miserably.

#3 They Were Involved In Politics

Stubbs, a 20-year-old cat born in 1997, is actually the mayor of a town in Alaska. Talkeetna, Alaska, really adores its symbolic mayor, and this cat lives an easy life.

#4 There Is One Breed That Adores The Water

Most cats really hate water because their coats do not insulate them well enough. However, the Turkish Van has a cashmere-like texture to their coat that wicks away water, and they absolutely adore to swim.

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#5 They Actually Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

Having a cat to keep you company and also to snuggle lowers stress and anxiety too, which subsequently lowers the blood pressure. We all know that lower, healthy blood pressure is really good news for your brain and your heart too.

#6 Cats Brains Are 90% Similar To Ours

Cats brains are much smaller than ours, but actually they are also built very similarly, 90 % similarly. The size of a brain does not really say much about intelligence, it is more about how the brain folds and also how it is structured.

#7 They Try To Teach Their Humans To Hunt

If you had ever had a cat bring you a “gift,” as in, a dead animal, they may very well be trying to teach you to hunt. Quite frankly, they do not think you are doing a very good job and they would like to impart that knowledge unto you.

#8 Their Clavicles Are Not Attached To Anything

Cats have a floating clavicle that actually allows them to squeeze through tight spaces and also generally be more flexible and graceful too.

#9 Cats Only Sweat Through Their Paw Pads

Last on our nine wierd facts about cats list is actually how cats cool themselves down and how they can only sweat through their paw pads. The sweat from their paw pads is usually stress-related but can also occur when they overheat.


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