Nurse Cat Helps Other Animals At The Shelter

Amazing nurse cat from Poland helps and looks after other animals at the animal shelter!

Radamenes, is an incredible black nurse cat in Poland. He went through hell in his life and now he is helping other animals to get better. The doctors at the veterinary center helped him get better and healthy. He was on the edge of death when they rescued him. In return, to show his gratefulness we helps others. He loves cuddling with other animals, massaging them and sometimes even cleaning other animals convalescing from their wounds and operations. This nurse cat is even a local attraction, and people come to visit him at the center for good luck!

He loves to hug so that the animal in need know that it is not alone!


This nurse cat was suffering from a serious respiratory infection, and now he helps other animals at this Polish shelter get better and recover!


He was so sick that everyone at the shelter though that he is not going to make it, or that he would have to be put to sleep.


He was so sweet and adorable and the vets knew that they had to do everything possible to save the poor kitty.


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