Ollie Dog Food Valentine Campaign Helps Feed Shelter Dogs

Ollie has a great campaign “Take your dog on a Valentine’s day date and help feed the shelter dogs”!

Dogs are so appreciative, loyal, and loving too and do not require a fancy night out. But there is no reason you can not treat them to a fancy night in. Ollie the dog food company actually encourages it. All you need to do is to take a photo with your dog on your “Valentine`s day date”. Send the photo and you will help to feed those poor shelter dogs.


To celebrate this sweet holiday that we all love, Ollie, which delivers human grade dog food straight to your door, will donate three of its meals to shelter puppies all across the country. For every doggy date photo animal lovers post on the Valentine’s Day three meals will be given.

All you and your dog have to do is take a photo of the fine dining meal you will enjoy together on Feb 14 the Valentine`s day. Then add the hashtag #doggydinnerdate and that`s it. This is really a nice and a fun project to do. All of us can help and it is for a really good cause.

ollie 3

For each of these adorable photos, Ollie dog food will give three meals to the local shelters, like N.Y.C.’s “Mr Bones and Co” and plenty others. The point of all this is that shelter dogs could enjoy a nice meal while they wait to find their forever families. We hope that the turnout will be really great. This could also really help all those dogs that are waiting for that someone to come and take them home.

Ollie is creating custom dog food and also they are delivering it straight to your door nationwide. The New York company is taking a more scientific approach to feeding your dog. They are using algorithms and also custom recipes to create food that is a perfect fit for your loving dog.


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