Omo Is An Extremely Rare White Giraffe And She Is So Beautiful

Ever heard about a white giraffe? Well, Omo is one, she is so rare and so beautiful at the same time!

No, these photos were not photoshopped, they are real! Omo, is two year old beauty whose skin looks as if it was bleached, and is actually suffering from leucism. It is a rare condition that results in a partial loss of pigmentation.

Dr Derek Lee, is the founder and a scientist at the Wild Nature Institute and he first saw her in the Tarangire National Park In Tanzania. “Omo appears to get along with the other giraffes very well. You can always spot her with a large group of normally colored giraffes and they don’t seem to mind her different coloring,” he explains.


“Omo is leucistic, which means that many of the skin cells are incapable of making a pigment. Some are, so she is pale but not really pure white, with red or blue eyes, as a true albino,” he explains.

“Omo is the only pale giraffe in the world that we are currently aware of.  We are also observing leucistic waterbuck, Cape buffalo and ostrich in Tarangire too.

omo 4

However he also warns that her unique color could make her a potential target for poachers in the African park.

He adds: “Omo is now 2 years old. She actually survived her first year as a small calf. That is actually the most dangerous time due to lion, leopard and also hyena preying on them.

“Her chances of surviving to adulthood are quite good actually. Unfortunately adult giraffes regularly get killed for bush meat, and her coloration makes her a target. “We and also our partners are working on giraffe conservation and anti-poaching to help give Omo and her other relatives a better chance of survival. “We hope that she lives a long life and also that someday she has calves of her own too”.

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