One Eyed “Pirate Kitty” Spent Months In A Shelter Because No One Wanted Him, But Then Everything Changed

One eyed ‘Pirate cat’ spent months in a shelter because no one wanted him! He took the Internet by storm after finally finding a new home! Now he has the best life and all the love in the world!

One eyed kitty, Wesley spent months in an animal shelter, unwanted. But now, he has a loving new home in Iowa , and also has even gained Internet stardom.

The one year old black kitten, dubbed ‘pirate cat’ because of his pirate like facial expressions, boasts thousands of fans after his owner, Rheanne Charise Taylor, set up an Instagram account especially for him. Ms Taylor, who is the associate editor of iPhone Life Magazine, shares adorable snaps of the feline on a daily basis, showing off his ‘unique’ look and also amusing expressions to more than 5,000 followers.

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“I decided to make an Instagram account for my Wesley because I just love his unique look, and thought that others might feel the same,” said the owner, who lives with Wesley in Fairfield, Iowa. “Actually I was really shocked at the amount of followers Wesley’s account gained within just 15 weeks, he has far more than I do actually”.

“I love the way that he is touching other people’s hearts”, she said.

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Ms Taylor actually first saw Wesley at Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation, a local animal shelter, last fall.  However, unfotunately she could not take him home due to some personal circumstances. “Wesley was just 5 weeks old when I first saw him”, she says. “The fact that he had one eye and a such a cute face just made me love him even more”. “Unfortunately, I was not in a position at that time to take him home with me”.

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“But I was certain that he would find a forever home in no time”. In March, 6 months after meeting Wesley, Ms Taylor returned to that shelter. “I returned to the shelter to make sure that he went to a loving home,” she said. “I ran through the door and just asked straight away about the “pirate kitty” and the staff there immediately knew who I was talking about. To my utter shock, Wesley was still looking for a loving forever home”. Just 2 days later, Ms Taylor took Wesley home. She named him after the ‘Dread Pirate Westley’, a character in William Goldman’s 1973 novel The Princess Bride and  also the 1987 film of the same name.

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The devoted owner, who was told by staff members at the animal shelter that one eyed Wesley was most likely born with his condition, hopes that this kitten can encourage people to embrace their flaws. “If Wesley has taught me anything, it is that our flaws are truly what make us so beautiful and unique,” she said.



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