Orphan Elephant Was Dying, But Look At Her Now (VIDEO)

Orphan elephant was dying from starvation, but after the daring rescue, she looks so different now! Scroll down for the video!

Orphan elephant Esampu got separated from her herd when she was only 6 months old in the plains of Kenya. She was so young when she lost her family, she was still a baby. At that time she still depended on her mother`s milk to survive. According to Barcroft Animals, it is most likely that the elephant spearing was the one to bleame for her family’s sudden disappearance.

orphan elephant 2

Esampu grew into a skinny, starving version of her former self. The poor baby orphan elephant was so skinny that she was unable to stand up on her own. Luckily for her, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization of some really dedicated wildlife conservation specialists, went to save the baby elephant.

In this video below, that was posted on February 1, 2017, the team realizes the severity of Esampu’s condition and works together to help her stand up. They feed the orphan elephant as much milk as she can take for the moment. They quickly load Esampu into their truck. The rescuers are still hydrating the baby elephant’s starving body with some fluids as they drive to an elephant nursery in Nairobi, Kenya.

Here is the video of Esampu`s rescuing and her amazing recovery!

Once little Esampu arrived, she did not need intensive medical treatments. She needed the help to overcome the loss of her family. She makes connections with other rescued and also injured elephants at the nursery, almost as if she is creating a new kind of family of her own.

Now, Esampu is growing really fast and also looks a whole lot healthier. The orphan elephant will remain at the nursery until she turns 3 year. After that they will reintroduce her back into the wild through a step by step process.

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