Otitis The Earless Cat Finally Has A Home

Otitis is a nine year old deaf earless cat. He has almost given up completely. He though no one will ever love him again until she showed up!

Otitis had cysts growing in his ears and his owners could not afford his treatment. They ended up surrendering him to a nearby shelter.  Otitis lost his hearing and both of his ears. He was scared and completely deaf. He was spending his days waiting for someone to come and give him a home, but no one wanted an old and deaf cat. All the potential families that came took one look at his earless face before turning their attention to some younger and healthier kitties.

Meet Otitis, the earless kitty ! We think he is still beautiful !


Molly Lichtenwalner was browsing Pet Finder Site because she wanted to adopt a kitty. Molly was suffering from severe anxiety since she had a horrible car accident. “I decided it was the right time for me to adopt a kitten to help with my anxiety. Nothing helped me more than snuggling with some furry friends.” Molly said.


“I knew that he was the one as soon as I saw him,” Molly said. She did not care about his missing ears or his complete deafness. “I told myself that when I was ready for a cat, I would only adopt an adult cat who has special needs. These cats harder get a new family and another chance.”


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