Pablo, The Dog Who Likes To Clean After Himself

Pablo pees on the bathroom floor, then hilariously tries to clean it up with some toilet paper!

Dogs can be more astute than we give them credit for sometimes, and this adorable puppy called Pablo is causing an Internet sensation when he tries to copy his owner and clean up after himself! Pablo peed on the bathroom floor and because he really feels bad about it he tries to clean it up with some toilet paper. What a smart dog! I bet his owner is very proud of him!

Meet Pablo, the little boy that loves to clean after himself!


21-year-old Acelin Hampton adopted Pablo this cute puppy about three months ago. While the young puppy still has some occasional accidents, Acelin says that Pablo has “got quite good with using the restroom outside.”

Recently, Acelin had to leave Pablo at a friend’s house while he was away on a trip. Her friend that was pet sitting Pablo did not yet quite adjust to Pablo’s schedule and the cute pup ended up desperately needing to pee.


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