Pangolins Rescued By The Police In A Speeding Car Chase

 Police tried to stop a speeding car but with no luck. When the car did not stop, they immediately knew that something was wrong! When the finally caught the speeding car, they found such a sad sight inside!

A speeding car that was full with pangolins refused to stop for a routine check in northern Vietnam on Wednesday night, so the police knew something was wrong straight away. They started chasing that vehicle but with no success. They also fired a shot into the air as a warning, but still the car kept speeding away. That is when the policemen decided to shoot the tires of the car, and finally it came to a crashing halt.  Two men jumped out of the car and started to run away. Cops finally managed to catch the driver but are still searching for the other man who escaped.

When the policemen inspected the car they found 118 critically endangered pangolins! They were wrapped up tightly in bags just piled on top of each other and with no access to food or also water!  113 of them were still alive barely!

113 pangolins seized in Vietnam

“We lost 5 pangolins right on the rescue scene,” says Phap Nguyen Cong, the communications officer at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW), the organization that helps the animals. “And the 113 pangolins that are alive are under care of our staff”.

police stops 1

Pangolins are cute and really shy nocturnal animals who curl up into a ball when they get scared. Also they are the most trafficked animals in the entire world. Many of these rare animals get smuggled through Vietnam and also other places in southeast Asia on their way to get killed in the far East. Roughly every 5 minutes, a wild pangolin gets captured in Asia or Africa too. They end up in East Asia for his meat or scales, which people believe to have medicinal properties.

Rescuers put these pangolins in wooden boxes fot their own safety. Then they took them to the rescue center, where they got all the care they needed!


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