Paralyzed Dog Drags Herself For Miles Looking For Some Help

A paralyzed puppy Poppy dragged herself for miles to find some help and in the end she did!

When Poppy was very young, she got injured really badly. That injury crushed her spine and left her back legs paralyzed. She was most probably trampled by an animal, or perhaps kicked by some cruel man. She suffered like that for weeks, maybe even months, before she came across a research camp, desperately seeking help. Susanne Vogel works at an elephant research camp in the northern Okavango region of Botswana, and was really in shock when she and her coworkers saw poor Poppy, slowly making her way into their camp.

paralyzed 1

“She came crawling, literally crawling, because she was paralyzed” Vogel says. “Poppy was even unable to walk, but really full of love and seeking some help”.

Vogel and her coworkers immediately took her in and cared for her the best they possible could. The nearest veterinarian was an 8 hour drive away. They watched over her for the next few days until their long trip came. They were still in shock that she survived these injuries and her journey to their camp.

paralyzed 3

paralyzed 5

Finally, Poppy and one of her new friends, Graham McCulloch, made that 8 hour drive over the dangerous roads and then took a ferry across a river to the nearest veterinary clinic. The vet there determined that Poppy was around 7 months old, and that she needs a surgery to fix her injured spine. Amanda Stronza, set up a GoFundMe to raise the money for her surgery, while Poppy continued to grow stronger every single day.

paralyzed 6

paralyzed 7

Poppy is now staying with her  new friends in Botswana while she gains back her health and also strength. Then in a month or so, her rescuers will assess how she is doing, and go from there. Regardless, they have really high hopes for her, the tiny paralyzed dog who simply refuses to give up.

“She already has plenty people all over the world who love her from a distance and who are checking on her progress daily and are really  eager to see a happy outcome, namely adoption into a loving family,” Stronza says. “She will regain her ability to walk, or at least she will gain wheels to help her around. I think she has a really bright future too”.


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