Penguins Of Antarctica Are Remarkable

6 different species of penguins live in Antarctica. All of them are beautiful and really amazing !

Penguins are frequently called “flippered flyers” due to their effortless movement through the water. Scientists think that about 40-50 million years ago, while Antarctica was breaking away from Gondwanaland, the penguins were  also separating to form their own species.

#1 Adélies


Adélies were named after the wife of one English explorer Dumont d’Urville. They are small birds with an average of 27.5 inches. During the harsh and cold winter months they usually stay near the outer edges of the pack ice where the temperatures are a bit warmer. Baby chicks usually stay with their parents for approximately three weeks during which they grow quite rapidly. After that, they go to join the other chicks in nurseries called créches.

#2 Emperors


These are the largest penguins in the world. They are also most colorfully fitted penguins. Unfortunately, there are only around 100,000 of Emperors left in the world. They usually huddle together to escape wind and conserve the warmth. Individuals take turns and move to the group’s protected and relatively toasty interior. Once a penguin has warmed a little bit it will move to the perimeter of the group so that others could also warm up.

#3 Macaroni Penguins


Macaronis have a yellow ornate plumage above each eye. They got their name after flamboyant dressers from the 18th century the “Macaroni Dandies.” Macaronis breeds on rocky slopes, beaches and also amongst tussocks. They love to eat crustaceans.


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