People Around The World Are Trying To Save These Three Baby Orphans

People around the world are sending milk and trying to save these three starving baby orphan elephants!

Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, was actually visiting another elephant orphanage in the neighboring country of Myanmar when she encountered this starving baby orphan elephant. Now, people around the world are trying to save them and send milk for them!

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While nobody really knows what happened to the baby elephant’s mom, or even how she ended up at the orphanage, the baby does have a name, Eyeyarmay.

Eyeyarmay is not the only baby elephant at this orphanage. Two others, a 7 month old Yuyu and a 4 month old  Mary also live there, according to Chailert.

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All three baby orphans need special care, but Chailert seems particularly worried about baby Eyeyarmay!

“This baby requires direct care at this time and also motherly accompaniment,” Chailert writes on Facebook. “Baby nutrition is really very, very sensitive because their life at this stage is also very fragile”.

Saving Eyeyarmay’s life will not be easy at all. What she really needs now is milk, but Chailert says it is very difficult to get elephant formula in Myanmar. Also because the orphanage is new, it does not have the funding to import the formula from another country.

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However, things are looking up for Eyeyarmay and the other two babies. Following Chailert’s Facebook post, hundreds of people around the world offered to help, and with everyone’s combined efforts, these babies have a good chance of survival.

Chailert is also asking for monetary donations to help get the elephant formula to the Myanmar orphanage. “One box can really help to save an elephant’s life,” Chailert writes.

To help them get the formula they need, you can make a donation to the Save Elephant Foundation. Or also you can send elephant formula directly to the camp. For the full address, go to the Chailert’s Facebook post.

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