Person Dumped 1000 Tiny Chickens On The Field And Left Them To Die

Some person left 1000 one day old chickens on the field in England and just left there to die!

Last week on Friday morning, a person noticed 1000 one day old baby chicks in the field near Peterborough, England. They were left there to die. This person immediately called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He or she asked them to come to save the baby chicks. When the staff members of RSPCA came to the field, they were really shocked. “I never saw anything like this, it was just a sea of yellow,” inspector Justin Stubbs says.

person 3

“And the noise was really unbelievable. The tiny chicks were only about a day old and were really tiny and quite delicate too”. Unfortunately, not all of them made it: “Some of the birds were already dead or dying when we came so some, sadly, we had to put to sleep. Thankfully, most of them did not appear as they were suffering”.

person 2

After discovering the chicks, local people came to help the RSPCA. They helped to put them all into boxes where they could huddle together for some warmth. The inspectors think that the babies came from a commercial chick producer nearby. He also thinks that a third party left them there to die. The producer is fully cooperating with the inspectors and also assisting the RSPCA with their investigations. An RSPCA source says: “It is a possibility that a person who bought them simply left them there. Whatever the reason is this was incredibly cruel and also horrible”.

Inspector Stubbs also says: “The breeder came there to the scene to collect the left surviving birds and take them back to their unit. These tiny chicks would not survive long out on their own at such a young age and in also such unpredictable weather conditions. They are safe now and doing fine!


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