Pets Who Really Hate Going To The Vet

Here are some pets that really hate going to the vet! Some of them are actually afraid of the vet and some just really dislike them! All of them are so cute and funny!

Going to the vet with your pets is much like going to the doctor with your kids. They can be a little bit nervous, they can get upset, or they can even try to hide. You would too, what with all the poking and prodding and strange new environment. Of course they do not realize that it is for their own good, and we hope they will forgive us afterwards when we reward their bravery with many treats and cuddles!

Here are some pets that really hate going to the vet and are really funny at the same time!


This big boy needs his human dad to carry him because he is too afraid!


This dog knows that he is going to the vet and she is very, very upset!


This sweetheart is so scared that he needs his dad to hold his hand! So sweet!


This is his first visit to the vet, little cute baby!



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