Photos Of Before And After Of Adopted Animals

There are so many pets just waiting to be adopted. Here are some before and after adoption photos. The difference is enormous. All of them have been through a lot and they just want our love and care!

Adoption is extremely important for so many abandoned pets who need a forever home. These lost animals on the street are often starving, ill, and lonely. They miss love and care. They miss to have a home and someone to love. Luckily, animal shelters and sanctuaries often step in to save the day and keep the animals healthy and happy. Here are some photos of some animals before and after adoption. The difference is enormous!

Meet Scout! This beautiful bright eyed and bushy tailed tabby gained a lot of weight once a loving owner took him in and took care of him. He is so happy and healthy now!


Just look at these sad eyes! They were so sad and lonely. They had been through so much. Then look at the picture on the right. They are happy and joyful. You can see that they are loved. What a change!



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