Pigeon Loves His New Furry Big Brother

This pigeon loves his big cat brother. The two of them are inseparable and do everything together!

Stephanie Lynch found a baby pigeon and decided to adopt him. She named him Keith. Just five months ago, Keith was a little, scraggly baby bird cowering on the streets of downtown Toronto, in Canada. He probably fell of a tree from his nest. He could neither fly or walk.

pigeon 2

It seemed like only a matter of time before he would loose his life there on the ground. Lynch actually has some previous experience with raising birds, so she decided to take him home and take care of him.

pigeon 3

Over the next few weeks, Keith grew stronger and stronger, finding his feathers and his voice too. When Lynch was not around, he found someone else to talk to, a 25-pound fur ball Cheddar. Cheddar is a rescue cat whom Lynch adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue last year. He was quite mystified from the start by his new feathery friend.

pigeon 4

“Cheddar is just a  really good and kind-hearted kitty,” Lynch says. “I often call him my little love muffin”.

pigeon 5

“I have really big windows so Keith sees the other pigeons outside,” Lynch says. “He does not seem that interested in them”. In fact, Keith rejected every opportunity to return to pigeon kind,  he prefers to stay with his new family. As long as they follow his rules, of course. “He gets really jealous if he is not the center of attention,” Lynch says. “He hates it when I am on my cell phone and he starts acting up if he thinks that Cheddar is getting more attention than him”.

Even when Keith sleeps, he makes sure the spotlight is still all on him, he snores so loud. “He is totally an attention vampire,” Lynch says. “I can not even move more than a couple of feet without him following me or sitting on my shoulder”.

pigeon 6

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