Pilot Saves A Dog`s Life During A Flight

Pilot saves a French Bulldog`s life. The pilot diverted the plane and even though he knew it is going to cost the air company extra money he did the right thing and decided to save this adorable dog.

A pilot from Air Canada while he was on a Tel Aviv to Toronto flight diverted the plane and landed in Frankfurt because the cargo heating malfunctioned. The pilot in our eyes is a true hero.


This is Simba, the cute French Bulldog that was on that flight. Actually, a lot of airplane companies have a no flying policy for French Bulldogs. Frenchies can experience heat strokes and die when the temperatures get too high or too low. During take off and landing the temperatures in the cargo area can get really high. So because of lot of cases that happened before some companies do not allow them to fly.

What happened here is actually the pilot noticed that the temperature in the cargo area. Rather than continuing and risking that the dog potentially freezes to death, made a detour and landed safely in Frankfurt Airport where the dog was placed on a later Air Canada flight.


 The 7 year old French bulldog called Simba reunited with his owner at Toronto airport. He is so grateful to everyone involved.  “He is like my child. He  is my everything” the owner said.

This detour cost Air Canada around 10,000 dollars extra spent on fuel. The flight was late but it was all worth it. The dog is safe and healthy and in the end that is all that matters. Luckily, the pilot thought so too. And even though Air Canada lost some money they made it up for sure with all the good publicity they received after this heroic deed from their pilot. Dog owners from all around the world will have Air Canada on their mind next time they plan to fly.

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