Pink Abandoned Dog And His Brother And Finally Recovering (VIDEO)

Pink, abandoned dog and her brother are finally recovering and responding well to treatments and love! Scroll down for the video!

When rescuers first found these two lovely dogs, one of them looked a lot like a pink Dalmatian. The pink puppy and and her brother, who are actually boxers, were there waiting on the morning of  the February 13th, both suffering from a treatable skin condition called demodex mange.

pink 2

They got the names Asia and Artie. While some people sometimes give information about the animals they are leaving behind at the anonymous drop off kennel, on this particular day, that was not the case. “I felt really bad for Artie and Asia when I first saw them,” says Jennifer Glover. She is a registered veterinary technician for the shelter, who was the first to meet these two lovely dogs. “But I also felt good by the fact that we would be able to start helping them”.

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“They were so sweet when they arrived but also they were very depressed,” Glover adds. “Just within one day of having someone care for them and love them here, they were so much happier and much more outgoing”.

Check out the video of these two dogs recovering and finally living again!

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Both Asia, the pink 10 month old Boxer dog , and Artie, the 2 years old, suffer from the common infestation of the skin by tiny, eight-legged mites. It causes hair loss and also pain, but a good treatment will fix it quickly. Asia also has a grade 2-3 heart murmur, which required an echocardiogram. Artie has some eye concerns that maybe require surgery when his skin heals.

“I assure you they were both unsettled with being dumped but they know very quickly that the staff at Animal Friends of the Valleys and also the volunteers at LCAL are their ‘friends’ and are always there to help them,” says Hamilton. “They will be with us until we find their perfect forever homes”.


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