Polar Bear Pets A Dog But It`s Not What It Looks Like

Polar bear pets a dog and the entire video look super cute and adorable. What is the actual truth behind this video?

A video of a Polar bear in Canada gently patting a sled dog hit the Internet and quickly went viral. The man who actually shot the video praised the Polar bear for showing “that kind of heart toward another animal”. Unfortunately, the truth behind all of that is not that sweet. Canada’s CBC News reported that officials actually removed three Polar bears from the same property in Churchill after one of them killed and ate another dog.

Check out the video of a Polar bear gently petting a dog!

The owner of this site, who raises the sled dogs, told the network that the slaughter occurred on the “the only day we didn’t feed the bears, the only night we did not put anything out there”. The irony of the two incidents generated plenty commentary on the perils of the attributing human emotions to animals and also imposing a moral code the creatures that can’t possibly live up to.

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Tom Smith sees it all from somewhere in between. Smith is a wildlife biologist and also an advisory scientist with Polar Bears International. He has spent his whole career studying bears of all sorts, polar, grizzly and black too. He chuckled when he saw the “petting” video this week, which he did not exactly see as petting. Bears have a sky-high “curiosity quotient” and tend to ask questions with their teeth and also paws. This is why they sometimes tear up human campsites, he says. But he adds that this is also a time of year when the polar bears, which depend on sea ice for hunting seals, are essentially starving for months.

“To me, it is like the bear is trying to see if the food is ready or not,” Smith says. “It is not surprising that it would try to explore this dog. I can guarantee if you left that bear there long enough, it would say, ‘I wonder what this dog tastes like?’ I would be really disappointed if he did not ultimately eat that dog”.

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