Police Is Recruiting New Puppies And They Are Just Adorable

Police is recruiting new puppies, and the Internet is having serious cuteness overload! They are adorable!

Meet Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ and Full Moon, they the newest (and the most adorable) dog baby additions to Taiwan’s Police K-9 units. These cuddly and cute sleepy puppies are about to start their training and also will eventually have a serious role in the NPA’S K-9 Anti Bomb And also Drug force and Blood Detection units based in Taipei.

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It seems that working for the police really runs in their blood. “The puppies’ mom, named Yellow, is in the K-9 unit,  the department that [deals with] anti drug and anti bomb [issues],” says a spokesperson from the NPA.

“We hope that in the future the puppies can be like their mother Yellow, and that they can pass through training successfully and also enter the police force,” the NPA says in a post on Facebook.” The Labradors’ dad Leader is actually a sniffer dog, too.

police 4

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However, for now the 1 month old puppies are still more into sleeping and just eating than fighting crimes and also saving the world. “Sometimes, [Lucky Star] would fall asleep while eating, and then he would wake up suddenly and just carry on eating like nothing happened. How could people not love something as cute and pure as that?” asks Captain Pan from Taiwan’s Police.

police 7

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These cute puppies still have a lot of training and growing up before they join their mom and dad in the police force, but we are certain that they will be just as good if not better than their parents in solving crimes and saving the world! They are really adorable and cute and surely they will remain just as sweet when they grow up even though they will have serious jobs!

source: www.boredpanda.com

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