Pregnant Cat Arrives At Health Center Meowing For Help

A pregnant cat arrives at the Health Clinic in Turkey meowing for some help! This smart kitty knew she could not give birth without help so she came to the right place!

A pregnant cat arrived at the family health center to give birth in the eastern province of Bitlis in Turkey. The pregnant cat, which was struggling to give birth, entered the health center in Bitlis’ Tatvan and started meowing in pain, asking for help.

According to the local news website Bitlis 13 Haber, the heartwarming and also astounding incident happened on Wednesday as a pregnant cat in labor started to meow at the door of the No.2 health center in Tatvan district when she realized she was having some complications in giving birth to her precious kittens.

pregnant cat 1

The nurses there let her in but they did not really know just what was wrong with the pregnant kitty.  They soon realized that despite moments of intense labor this cat was not able to deliver a kitten so, they called the municipality vet right away.

After the vets took her to the Tatvan Municipality Stray Animal Neutering and Rehabilitation Center, vet Sefer Durmuş saw that this kitty was having a lot of difficulty with natural birth so he took her in for a caesarean section (more commonly known as c-section).

“When we saw the cat, she was in a poor condition and also in lot of pain. Because the time for her to give birth already passed, we had to urgently give her an operation,” the veterinary who performed the cesarean section said.

pregnant cat 3

“The operation was very successful. We now have four healthy kittens. She will stay under our protection until she regains her full health. We will also find homes for the kittens and her,” the veterinary added. This smart cat gave birth to a total of 4 healthy kittens and Durmuş said that the mother was in good condition too after the operation.


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