Protect Your Christmas Tree From Pets (FUNNY)

We all know that our loving pets just adore Christmas and especially our Christmas trees. They love those ornaments, the colorful balls, and they can not resist climbing on it too! Here are some interesting ways how to protect your Christmas trees!

We all know pets that get a bit too exited about the holiday season. They enjoy watching their human parents decorate the trees with what they see as fun toys for them to play with. They look at the tree with admiration just seconds before jumping on it and pretty much destroying it. Or munching on it too. Anyways, what follows next is a destroyed Christmas tree lying on the floor with broken ornaments all over the floor. These creative pet owners came up with some interesting solutions how to protect their Christmas trees. These photos are also really funny. A little creativity really goes a long way!

This pet owner is really creative. The best way to keep your pet away from the Christmas tree is to put a vacuumer next to it!

protect 1

Or you can simply keep your tree locked up!

protect your tree2

Some people prefer minimal decorations, three ornaments are just enough. And also there is no way the cat is going to get them all the way up there!

protect your tree 3

How to protect your Christmas tree from your cat? Easy! Use a cage, but for the tree!

protect your tree4

Here is an another idea. Put your tree on your vacuumer!

protect 5

Or, you can always put your tree on the ceiling! There is no way your cat will be able to get it up there!

protect your tree 8

You should never have to choose between your tree and your pets, of course pets come first. You just need to be a bit creative, a little bit of imagination goes a long way. Just look what these people did. And everybody is happy too!


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