PSPCA Rescues 8 Dogs From Deadly Philadelphia Dogfights

PSPCA rescues 8 dogs from deadly Philadelphia dogfights, but unfortunately one did not make it!

Philadelphia animal officers rescued 8 dogs from an active dogfight in North Philadelphia late Sunday night, but unfortunately it was too late to save one of the dogs. PSPCA humane law enforcement officers found one dead dog, one badly hurt dog, also one slightly injured dog and six other dogs too during a dogfighting bust along the 600 block of Diamond Street.

The PSPCA named the badly hurt dog George, after the recently deceased PSPCA officer George Bengal.

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PSPCA will take care for all of the dogs, they will be medically evaluated, rehabilitated and then ultimately rehomed.

Police took one man into custody on outstanding warrants, while a number of others fled the scene.  The investigation is still ongoing, and charges are pending,  as the shelter stats. “Anybody who is even a spectator at animal fighting cases are subject to serious felony charges,” says Sgt. Nicole Wilson, the director of Humane Law Enforcement for the PSPCA.

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Humane officers also found an adult blue pit bull with white markings all covered with blood. He was dead for a short period of time, says Wilson. “I feel very confident that the necropsy report will show that the dog died in the fight,” Wilson adds.

All of the dogs were transported to the shelter’s Erie Avenue location for some medical care. This shelter will take care of them.  The dogs will go for addoption as soon as when they are declared healthy and rehabilitated too.

If anyone has information about this case, or the individuals involved, please call the SPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at 866-601-SPCA. You can also leave tips anonymously too. These poor dogs suffered enough, but there are plenty more out there that fight for their life everyday, and this needs to stop. That is so cruel.

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