Pup That Fell Into Hot Tar Has Fully Recovered

A young pup fell into hot tar and was unable to move. The poor pup was paralyzed from head to toe. People were passing by and nobody wanted to help him. Then a miracle happened !

This five month old pup fell into a hot tar pit in northern India. people were passing by the pup, but the tar made the young dog really unrecognizable, so the puppy was ignored. Luckily, one kind and big hearted person heard the puppy`s cry for help. She knew she had to help. She immediately phoned the India’s Animal Aid Unlimited and the help was on the way!!

Just look at the poor pup. He was paralyzed, scared and alone too. This really breaks your heart !


When the volunteers got to the scene they were in complete shock. The young puppy was in such bad condition. He could not move anything. You could only see his eyes going back and forth. He could not even move a muscle.


This rescue mission lasted for over four hours and it was very difficult for the rescuers. They were scrubbing the pup with vegetable oil for over three hours so they could take the tar out. The rescue team also spent hours massaging a large amount of  the vegetable oil into his body to loosen the tar. They were avoiding the use of kerosene because of it would effect his already damaged skin.


After they took out the tar, the rescuers took the dog to an animal shelter to recover. It also took three days to clear his body completely. Luckily, the dog has recovered and is a healthy puppy now.


What an amazing recovery. We are so happy that this puppy is doing well now. He is growing up and having a good life too. Many thanks to the rescue team of India`s Animal Aid Unlimited.

Here is also the heartbreaking video of rescuing the puppy !


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