Puppies Enjoying Their Puppyhood ( VIDEO )

Who doesn`t love cute and adorable puppies? Experts consider puppyhood, especially first three to four months, the most important period in a dog’s life. In thаt shоrt window, a dog’s experiences shape his opinions about what’s safe and what’s scary. These opinions can be hard to change later on.

During puppyhood, your dog will:


Learn how to get along with other dogs. A dog who misses out on these interactions can grow up to be fearful or aggressive around other canines.

In the following video two cute puppies Frenchie`s are playing together.

Learn how to be safe and friendly around humans. Without these interactions a pup can grow up to be fearful or aggressive with humans. This goes for all breeds.

In this video a Corgi puppy is enjoying sitting in his owners lap and cuddling.

Get used to the hustle and bustle of family life. If you expose your pup to dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, other pets, cars (all the things he’ll be living with as a family dog)  he’s more likely to see them as natural as an adult.

Just gо slowly when introducing anything nеw, and mаkе sure it’s fun or, at the very least, not scary  for the pup.


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