Puppy Left In A Dumpster To Die Is Recovering Despite All Odds

Puppy left to die all alone in a dumpster is living to tell another tale thanks to a number of human friends and rescuers from Bay Area dog rescue group!

A Bay Area resident Indrani Stangl came across a really touching Facebook post picturing the young puppy Ivy who urgently needed medical attention and help. Puppy left to die all alone had several serious injures and was ill too. “She was actually in a dumpster when we first found her,” says Stangl. Stangl volunteers for a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fostering dogs in need of forever homes.

“It was pouring rain that day. Her eye was in such a terrible shape. She also has a skull fracture and a nasal fracture too. The most critical thing actually was her temperature that was about 10 degrees too cold”.

puppy left 1

Fortunately for little, sweet Ivy, a veterinary hospital near Bakersfield took her in and patched her up nicely. After that she went to a local foster home before traveling north to recuperate with the Pound Puppy Rescue, the organization that Stangl actually volunteers for. Ivy still requires a serious eye surgery, which will take place in a couple of weeks.

While she waits for her big surgery , this sweet little puppy will recover and also acclimate to a normal life before she is ready to find a forever home and a loving family!

“While she is in foster care, she will learn to get along with little kids, also with other dogs. Soon she will be ready for her forever home. She will be very well adjusted and all ready to fit into a loving family life,” Stangl says.

If anyone wants to donate to help fund Ivy’s medical care or maybe to adopt her can visit the Pound Puppy Rescue website or also the Pound Puppy Rescue Facebook page. She is such a sweet puppy who just needs some love and care!


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  • March 7, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    I hope the POS who did this goes to jail for a day for every dollar spent on the surgery and care for the life of this puppy.

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