Purple Color Covered Kitty Gets A Happy End

Purple color covered kitty got another chance for life and a happy ending. This is one of those stories that have a “happily ever after” and that will melt your heart


Meet Smurf.  Somebody left him at the steps of an animal shelter when he was two moths old. He was covered in purple pain and was on the brink of death. Smurf needed immediate care because he was in such bad shape.

He was looking terrible. He was abused, beaten and dyed in purple color. The people in the animal shelter were shocked when they saw how many bruises and scars he had. This animal shelter contacted the Nine Lives Foundation.


Veterinarian Monica Rudiger knew when she saw Smurf’s wounds that he was used as bait to train dogs to fight. This is so terrible, this poor kitty had a life full of fear and pain. No creature deserves anything like that. Just look at those eyes. All he wants is love and care. He was so scared for so long.



Luckily, he got another chance for life. And he`s recovery began when the wonderful people at Nine Lives Foundation gave him love, care and the treatment he needed



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