Purr Cat Cafe Will Be Boston`s First Cat Cafe

Purr Cat Cafe will be Boston`s first cafe of that kind. It will open in few months and it will be the coolest place where you can enjoy your coffee and even adopt a cat!

Within just few months, a café like no other in Boston is coming to 167 Chestnut Hill Ave. in Brighton, just right across the street from Fuel. But what makes the PURR Cat Café so special and unique is not exactly the food that it will serve, but the furry cat residents that will hang out there all of the time.

All of the cats present at PURR Cafe will be up for adoption. Kelly has also partnered with the Boston Forgotten Felines (BFF). They will actually bring their cats to the café and help them get adopted there. The BFF, actually lacks a physical shelter and instead runs on a foster home system. They find abandoned felines on the streets, trap and neuter them too, and then find foster parents for the cats.

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Diane Kelly first heard of the great idea of a cat café when she was on her way to North Carolina where she was studying to open up her own dog grooming business. On her ride back home, Kelly visited two great cat cafés, the Crumbs in Georgetown, D.C. and the Meow Parlor in Manhattan.

“I was really interested in this wonderful concept,” Kelly says.  “By the time I made it back home, I said ‘I am not going to do dog grooming. I am going to open a cool cat café’”.

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Kelly is working on opening her very own cat café since that snap decision in 2015. She spent over two months researching some cat cafés that were already open. Kelly quit her job in the medical field to pursue her lifelong dream of owning her own private business.


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