Rare And Beautiful Horses Of The World

Rare, magnificent and beautiful horses of the world!

       All horses are beautiful, but these stallions and mares are particularly majestic. This is a collection of horses you most probably will not see at your neighborhood farm. Many are so rare that there has been so much debate about their breed and origin.

1. Marwari


Native to the Marwari region of India, the Marwari horse is a really rare horse breed most known for its hardiness and upturned ears. A descendant of native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, the Marwari horses also come in virtually every color. They display exceptional loyalty and bravery in battle, they were traditionally cavalry horses. The breed is so very rare due to strict exporting guidelines.

2. The golden Akhal Teke


This is the top supermodel of the horse world. It is one of the most visually striking breeds you can ever come across. They are famous for their natural metallic bloom of their coat which is just so absolutely breathtaking. They can come in a wide variety of most colors including bay, black, chestnut, palomino, cremello, perlino, and grey too. The most stunning examples of the breed are those with a golden buckskin or palomino color.


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