Ribbon Seal Spotted Far Away From Their Home

Rare ribbon seal with stripes is spotted over 2,000 miles away from their natural habitat and is finally caught on camera!

Earlier in October this year, a biologist saw a ribbon seal more then 2,000 miles away from its natural habitat. The rare seal was spotted on Washington’s state’s Long Beach Peninsula. The biologist did not wait long before taking pictures of this rare animal.


The ribbon seal is not necessarily such a rare animal since its population is around 400,000. The most interesting thing about this spotting is the fact that this seal is usually found in the Arctic parts of the Pacific Ocean. Being nearly 2,000 miles away from home, seeing this animal here came as  such a surprise for scientists.


Ribbon seals are really unique because they have four very distinctive stripes. One stripe goes around their lower back. Another goes in the front of the back flipper, and the last set of bands encircles each of their front flippers. An interesting fact about these seals is the fact that they are born completely white. They develop their distinctive looking ribbon patterns by the time they turn about four years.


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