Rawhide Chew For Dogs Contaminated, Check This Recall List Immediately

Rawhide chews that your dogs are eating might be contaminated, better check this recall list immediately!

Dog owners, be very careful! Your dog`s rawhide chews might be contaminated and making your dog ill. After several reports of dog illnesses from consumers, United Pet Group is voluntarily recalling multiple rawhide dog chew products from the market.

There is a high risk of a possible chemical contamination in several of the products. The recall was initiated after this company identified that some of their manufacturing facilities located in Mexico, Colombia and also Brazil were using a quaternary ammonium compounds mixture as a processing aid.

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The dangerous mixture is actually an anti-microbial chemical. It is approved for cleaning food processing equipment, but it is not approved in the U.S. as a processing aid in the production of rawhide chews for dogs.

The initial recall was actually expanded to include several private label brands. Some consumers actually alerted the company about this serious issue. They complained that the affected products smelled bad and also caused diarrhea and vomiting in some dogs.

The quaternary ammonium compound may cause some of the following symptoms in dogs:

  • reduced appetite
  • gastric irritation
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting

The effected ones are those dog chew products with an expiration date ranging from 06/01/2019 through 5/31/2020.

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These are some of the contaminated brands on the market! You can also find the full list on the FDA`s link bellow:

American Beefhide, Digest-eeze, Healthy Hide Chews, Good-n-Fun Chews, also Companion Brand and Dentley’s. Enzadent or Dentahex, Essential Everyday, Exer-Hides, Good Lovin’ or Petco, Hill Country Fare, and also Priority Pet.

A full list of all products that are affected are also available on the  FDA Safety Recall list here.

Dog owners, be careful! Don`t give your dogs these products, they can make your dogs very ill! There were numerous cases so far, beware!

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