Reading, PA Bans Tethering Dogs Outside All Day Long

Reading, PA is taking a huge step forward! They banned tethering dogs outside all day long!

It is not permitted anymore to tie up a dog all day in the southeastern Pennsylvania city of Reading. The Reading Eagle reports that the City Council voted unanimously on Monday night to ban the tethering of dogs outside! This is really a huge step forward!

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Council members say the new law will actually prevent cruelty inflicted on dogs whose owners tie them up outside during periods of extreme heat and cold too. Council members also want to reduce planety noise complaints over incessant barking.

Councilman Chris Daubert, who actually sponsored the ordinance, says dogs that are tied up all the time are also more likely to be more aggressive.

Did you know?

In Sweden, it is not allowed to keep your dog tied more than one hour! This law keeps dogs safe! Pets that live indoors should be within view of a window allowing sunlight, and dogs that are outside should have access to both sunny and shaded areas, as well as protection against wind and rain too.

This law in Reading, PA will help the dogs there. Plenty animals that are tied up are deprived of food and water often, and are exposed to some really high and low temperatures. They basically sit in their own poop and many of them do not even have their own house. If this law gets implemented in all countries, a lot of dogs will have a much happier and healthier life. Also, dogs that are tied up all day long tend to be much more aggressive and tend to develop behavior issues. A lot of them can also end up attacking someone or even their own owner! All in all, it is really bad for a dog to be tied up all day long all alone! Hopefully, more countries will follow this ban and this problem will get resolved in near future!

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