Refugee Cat Travels Over 3000 Miles To Reunite With His Family

Refugee cat reunites with his lost family far away from home! Somehow they found each other!

A refugee cat survives the treacherous sea voyage from the war torn Iraq to safer lands. Now is finally reunited with the family he lost and thought that he would never see again. In an effort of miraculous proportions, so many people came together to get this beloved, lost cat back with his family.

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When rescuers and volunteers on the island of Lesbos saw the cat, they remembered how a family became separated from their pet cat when they came onshore. The rescuers named the cat Dias. The rescuers decided to find the family and reunite them.

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Greece is the main landing place for the record breaking numbers of refugees trying to find safety in Europe. In one little boat was this family was fleeing from Mosul, Iraq. This city  is now controlled by the militant extremist sect, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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The cat, nicknamed ‘Dias’ after the Greek name for Zeus, also went to the vet for a check up. After that he went to a temporary home in Berlin as Ashley Anderson tried to track down his original owners. American volunteer Ashley Anderson and her friends, Amy Shrodes and Michelle Nhin, then launched a campaign to find the lost cat’s family.

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“The family contacted us through our Facebook page with the help of their neighbors,” says Michelle Nihn, the social media coordinator for Reunite Dias. They saw the cat on a Skype session. The family is now living in Norway.

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The family “cried happy tears” upon seeing their little furry family member again. They sent photos along of Kunkush (the cat`s real name) when they were all once together in their previous lives all the way in Iraq. Their lives may never go back to the way they were before , but finally they are all together again.


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