Rescue Cat Helps Save Little Sick Lamb (VIDEO)

A rescue cat helps a little, sick lamb to get better! They end up becoming best friends!

A two days old, very sick little lamb was put for adoption online. They farmer that owned it had no use for him so he decided to give it up for adoption. A rescue cat helped this tiny, sweet lamb to recover and get better. Who says that cats and lambs can`t be best friends!

rescue cat1

The lamb`s mother died, and the farmer did not want to try to raise the infant lamb by himself. When some kind animal lovers saw the ad, they reached out to the farmer to adopt the tiny, sick lamb. But the farmer did not want to give the baby lamb over to the sanctuary. The rescuers did not give up. One of them actually went undercover and adopted the lamb, making no mention of a sanctuary. “Farmers usually don`t like sanctuaries as we do expose the dark side of their industry,” says Carla Reilly Moore,  the co-founder of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Kingston, Ontario.

When he first came to the sanctuary, his rescuers named him Charlie. “Charlie, the tiny, sweet lamb, was our Christmas miracle,” Moore says. “He was very sick. His tail and also his testicles were banded incorrectly, and covered in diarrhea,” Moore says. “We really did not know if he would make it”.

rescue cat2

Moore and her husband, who both actually run the sanctuary, nursed him, but they were not the only ones who loved him and cared for him. Dora, a rescue cat was also helping Charlie get better and healthy.


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