Rescue Dog Sees Snow For The First Time

This rescue dog sees the snow for the first time in her life and gets so overwhelmed. She gets so happy and joyful and tries to eat the snow!

Most of probably do not remember the first time when we saw the snow. But most of us have such loving memories of the times when we were little and playing in the snow. Everything looks magical when it is snowing. It is like a fairytale. This rescue dog has been through a lot until she found her forever home and her loving family. Now she sees the snow for the first time and she is so happy. Scroll down for the video!

Here is the video of Dolce, a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, having so much fun playing in the snow for the first time in her life!

Dolce, a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, never saw snow before. When she went outside she did not know what to do when she saw the fluffy white stuff. In the video you can see her sitting inside when her human dad asks her the magic question that all dogs love to hear: “Do you want to go outside?”


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