Rescued Pig Creates The Most Amazing Art With A Paintbrush In Her Mouth

A rescued pig called Pigcasso makes the most amazing art with a paintbrush in her mouth! Scroll down for the video!

How much would you pay for a one of a kind piece of original pig painted artwork? There are so many different ways artists can be creative with their canvases, such as using their own bodies for a stunning transformation or also adding colored dye to water for an impressive marbling effect too. That level of talent certainly does not come that cheap! The unique crafter below, however, certainly takes that to a completely new level. This rescued pig makes amazing art, when she puts a paintbrush in her mouth magic happens!

rescued pig 3

Joanne Lefson saved  ‘Pigcasso’ from a slaughter farm in May this year, before teaching her how to paint.

Nowadays, you can see Pigcasso with her paintbrush and she spends most of her time wandering the beaches of Cape Town in South Africa searching for some inspiration!

They never force Pigcasso to create something unless she is in that artistic mood. You can also see in the clip just how happy she is when she is holding the paintbrush in her snout. She grabs different colors to create “abstract expressionism” and her pieces sell from $200 to amazing $2,000! As the video bellow jokes, Pigcasso definitely “brings home the bacon” these days!

Take a look to see this adorable artist at work. Then judge for yourself whether you would be willing to shell out some serious money for these most unique paintings.

rescued pig 2

Armed with treats and also a technique called clicker training, Ms Lefson taught her pet pig to paint and, before long, Pigcasso was producing lovely original paintings. Ms Lefson says: “Her artistic style is probably what you would call expressionist”. “She even authenticates each of her artworks with her ‘autograph’ dipping her nose in the paint and also marking each one with the tip of her cute nose”.


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