Rescued Pit Bull Covered In Cigarette Burns Gets Another Chance

Rescued Pit Bull found all covered in cigarette burns gets a second chance at life in a firehouse!

Erica Mahnken, the co-founder of No More Pain Rescue, got the call about an injured pit bull that needed help. She quickly jumped into action like a true hero that she is! They found Ashley, the rescued Pit Bull in a crack house in January, extremely skinny and all covered in cigarette burns. There was absolutely no food or water in that abandoned house. There was also no heat at all, the poor rescued Pit Bull was freezing, as it was also winter time.

rescued pit bull 2

It appears that Ashley’s former owners left when a storm hit, probably leaving her behind. However, it is still unclear where she got the cigarette burn marks from. Erica called some friends in the New York City Fire Department, as she knew that the Fort Pitt station once had a firehouse dog.

Ashley was immediately friendly and happy when she walked into the firehouse. She was wagging her tail all nice and fast too. This arrangement was only temporary at that time. But then, the firefighters called a few days later to ask if they could keep Ashley with them.

This rescued Pit Bull deserves all the love in the world, she is so sweet and so beautiful!

rescued pit bull 4

rescued pit bull 3

They said that they are going to adopt her. “All of us here love her so much. She is at home here,’” Erica says. “So I was really happy about that. And as soon as I walked her in there, I knew that that is where she belonged and where her home is”.

Now, Ashley the rescued Pit Bull has a happy and a safe home where she can help protect others too! She is really such a sweet dog. The poor girl went through so much in her life, she deserves a forever home and love. Luckily, she got another chance. She is so happy and has people who love her and care for her, and we wish her all the best!


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