Rescued Pit Bulls Can`t Stop Kissing (VIDEO)

Daisy and Prince are two rescued pit bulls. They both had horrible lives before. Since the moment they met, they have been in love. They love spending time together, sleeping, playing and kissing too! Scroll down for the video!

Daisy had a rough start in life, and she was afraid of everyone and everything. She was one of the 27 really sick and starved dogs that were found that summer. When they found her, she was in filthy home. One of the investigators said that it was like “Silence of the Lambs.” There were also 11 dead dogs there. Luckily, she was rescued on time.


Later some time Debbie Munson adopted this poor baby and took her to her new home. Daisy was still really afraid from everything she went through. It took several months to see some positive change in this rescued dog. She started coming out of her shell, but she was still very fearful and nervous most of the time. Then Prince came and changed everything.


Prince came from a home where he was with two other dogs. All of them were in really bad conditions. Somewhere around Thanksgiving, Munson agreed to foster him too. From the moment he came at her home in Murrieta, California, Prince awakened something just wonderful in Daisy. “She really just blossomed with him,” Munson says. “He makes her feel at ease and safe.”


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